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It has been a huge blessing being a part of what God is doing through Coy and his ministry in Honduras. Coy has an incredible story and a real heart for discipleship and sharing the gospel. His construction background enables him to connect and relate to the Honduran men and make tangible improvements in their communities while serving, teaching and sharing Jesus Christ to some of the least of these. Building homes, roofs, floors and churches is wonderful and a desperate need. Coy strives to meet these temporal needs with passion while sharing what we all truly need: the saving grace of God through His son Jesus. If you are able, please consider supporting this ministry. Aside from the joy of serving God and the needy people of Honduras, my two trips have deeply impacted me personally and my family in too many ways to list here. Plus, concrete volcanos are awesome – enough said.
— David Wicker, Fairfield Baptist Church Team 2014 & 2015
Seeing what Coy is doing in Honduras first hand on a recent construction mission trip made me realize what a blessing he is to the people of Honduras.
Coy has taken his experiences and talents in construction to follow God’s call in his life. The construction ministry that Coy is leading through Ignite Missions is an amazing way for him to share the gospel with others in a way that allows Coy a foot in the door, so to speak, with Hondurans that he might not otherwise have been able to share the gospel; when individuals and families open their homes to Coy’s construction ministry, it is an awesome way to do Gods work. Coy’s ministry is providing for their physical needs but most importantly it is a doorway for their spiritual needs and developing a relationship with God.
It is inspiring to see such a young motivated person like Coy want to do Gods will and share His word with the people of Honduras. The Holy Spirit is definitely working through Coy to lead him in Gods plan in Honduras.
Our mission trip with Coy was a lot of hard work and was very fulfilling but as Coy said to our group, what we did in one week is what he does almost every day. He is a blessing in Honduras.

-Travis Payne, CWJ Men’s construction team 2016 & 2018