The Calling

I am a true believer that God allows things to pass in our lives so that we better know how to serve Him. I worked for many year in the construction industry building very unique and large homes. During my time doing this I gained a large base of how to trouble shoot and make the job go forward with no bumps in the road. I am also a believer that He gifts us in certain areas of or lives to be able to better serve His kingdom and bring Him glory. That is the specific calling I felt to come here and plant this form of ministry. 

Meeting the REAL needs of people.

The ministry itself is very basic it meets real needs of real people in need. Our most basic way to meet the need here is by placing a concrete floor in a home that has a dirt floor. Its proven that dirt floor conditions is the one of the leading cause of infant fatality and a broad range of easily preventable sicknesses. A typical floor can be done in one day not causing a huge change in the daily life of the inhabitants of the home. The second largest thing the ministry does is replace roofs, sometimes this is simple as taking terracotta off or old sheet tin that is rusted threw, then replacing it with a new galvanized metal roof that not only with hold up longer, but will also reflect the heat. Other times the need is for a complete roof be it that the old roof has leaked for so long that the framing is rotten, or that they have built an adobe house from the ground they dug out, but can not afford to place the roof. The average cost for both of these projects is $300-$500 depending on the size and need. The other form we use is building new low maintenance house from the ground up. The one requirement for this project is that they have their own piece of property to place the house on. The cost to build a 16'X20' is $1500 this is the concrete pad all the way to the paint on the walls. 

The Goal.

With all our projects we require that there be family present to help us. This serves two purposes, first it causes them to have some skin in the game to take some ownership of the home. Its proven that they will take care of and maintain something that they had a part in building. Secondly and most important for us is that we will have the opportunity to get to know the family by working side by side. Which in turn prayerfully will open the door to begin the discipleship process. That is our true goal and heartbeat of what we are doing, just trying to do it in a real way that glorifies God in the process.