Back in action!

                So much has changed for me since the last time that I updated you all. For starters I am writing to you from my very own home, that’s right almost three years in the making, but I finally have my own place again. That being said I am not alone, for you all that did not know I recently returned back to the USA to get married. It was a great time to be around family and friends, it has also been a long time coming as well. We spent a lot of our 2 year relationship apart, only seeing each other every 90 days when I would have to leave Costa Rica to renew my visa.  Before leaving for the USA I spent most every night working on the little house we rented here. Houses here do not come with a lot of the things we are used to in the states, and this one had even less. On top of that we had really nothing here except for our clothes and ministry supplies. So I built cabinets for the kitchen and bathroom, houses here do not typically have closets so I put shelves in the spare bedroom/ministry storage room and built a free standing closet in our bedroom. I also built our kitchen table/island, and end tables for our living room and a frame for our bed.  I am so thankful that God has given me the talent to do these things, because the cost for items such as this here are crazy high and we would have not been able to furnish the house. Also thanks to some very amazing supporters and wedding guest we were able to buy a living room suit that is very comfortable, which is not common for Latin America, and good used appliances. Rentals here come with no appliances, and we were blessed to find a company that refurbishes and repairs Lowes and Home depot warranty returns. We scored stove, washer, dryer, refrigerator, and microwave for $1,500 which is the cost of a basic new name brand refrigerator here without icemaker. There were a few problems but we got a 6 month warranty and they were great about fixing it, also not very common for Latin America.  We are adjusting well it has been difficult as you can imagine hard enough two people trying to merge life, let alone two people that are trying to get their personal ministries off the ground and adjusting to the expectations of another person all while settling into a home in a 3rd world country. If you would please pray for our marriage, that God would use it as an example or when you live to serve Him then your spouse, how honoring of a life that is to Him.

                Since returning to the country I have been none stop, trying to wrap up projects left around the house to do. Also I had the chance to work on the Ignite property for a week. We are finally getting the entrance finished with some much needed concrete tracks, for vehicles to be able to climb the hill to the property when it’s muddy and very dry and the road is just deep dust. It was a great week, the great think about it is I am constantly surrounded by opportunity to practice my Spanish, and more importantly to be able to build stronger relationships with the men working on the property. I really feel like they are accepting me more and more. Before I really share Christ with someone I always like to know that I have the open door and respect of the person that I am wanting to share with. This is difficult at times because it takes time, and you really have to invest and connect with the people on a personal level. Although with that relationship already in place they seem to be more open and responsive to the conversation. Sometimes it seems that the locals that work with and around missionaries seem pressured to act a certain way or to respond to every invitation, kind of like that guy that cusses like a sailor until he ask you what you are doing this weekend and you tell him going to church, and because you said you go to church he automatically starts to apologize for all the things he has said. I guess I just want to see unpressured genuine change, and for them to know that they are welcome to be who they are that it’s not my job or judgement that will change them, but that work is the Holy Spirit in them. Just yesterday I finished something that I have been want to try for some time now. We built a house from start to finish, now when I say start to finish don’t think the kind of house you live in I will put pictures for you to see. This is how many people live here, and this house was a 20x16 which for the area that we built it in is on the larger size for homes. We had four and a half days in this project and spent just under $1,050. I would like to have the money to run basic electric and paint seal the siding which would put it somewhere in the $1,400 range and probably add a half day maybe a full day to the project. I used metal studs and a fiber cement board for the exterior two products that humidity and termites will not affect. I would love to teach a team of men how to replicate this house and have the funds to build them and pay the men to do so. Giving them a job and teaching them a trade that will not only help them, but also help their own countrymen. If you have an interest in your church, Sunday school, small group, community group, and or just something you want to sponsor, please email me at I would love to talk to you more and get ideas about getting something like this going. There is no better way to open the door to have an opportunity to speak into the lives of a family than hanging that door for them. I will be honest it has been a long time till I saw someone as excited a Ester was, every day that she walked down the hill and saw something else done she would just light up and glow. Her friends and family played a part as well they were there helping every day and we had a lot of great conversations of why we were doing this. It really was such a blessing to be able to do a project like this.

Our team season starts this Monday so forgive me if there is time between updates. We have a very busy schedule and starting Monday we will be starting a four month stretch were we will have only 4 days and 4 half days off. If you find time please pray for us during this time, although it is awesome to be part of and to see all that God does it is very exhausting. Which brings me to a topic I would love some feedback on. My father in law bought me the book zeal without burnout, I started reading it yesterday. It really speaks to me because I would work night and day and build everyone that needed a house or a floor or a roof one. The reality that I am learning right now is that pace will not last more than a season. When people ask me how long am I going to do this? In my heart I feel like forever or as long as the lord allows. I mean I did my fund raising goals for a ten year plan, but I guess my question is to my supporters what are your expectations of me? If God lays it on your heart to help me wrestle threw this please reach out to me your advice will be gladly received. As always thank you for your continued support, and if you are not currently supporting please pray about it. My needs have grown since returning now there is more on my plate after getting married and I really want to be able to support my family as our needs grow. You can go to my website and follow the ways to support link. Thank you and God bless.