Where to begin!

                Where to even begin, first I want to apologize to all my supporters for not updating you sooner. I have been extremely busy since being on the ground here in Honduras, although it has been so busy I would like to share the things that God has been doing these last two months.

                Well my first few days here where spent settling in and trying to muster up that Spanish that I learned last year. Just under three months in the states devastated my Spanish and my stomach, seeing how my only practice was usually at Mexican restaurants. No worries though it came back full force since I was here with only our Honduran staff for two weeks. In that time I got to spend most my days with Freddy we were doing logistics for the first two teams on the schedule. The first of which was my very first team that I had coming to serve with me, they are my men’s group in the states. The second team was one of the largest teams that comes and works with Ignite. They had many elements of the team one being construction thus being the logistics we were doing. My men’s group was raising money to restart the building project on the new mission property, by doing the footers for two buildings, the staff house and one of the dorms. The footer process here is much different than that of the states. The first big difference being they are hand dug, secondly they are filled with large stones and mortar. This meant a lot of hands where needed to do the work, so I got the chance to work with eight men for almost two weeks straight. This was awesome seeing how this is what I feel God has called me to, and in my first few days here He provided a multitude. It was so awesome to be able to get back to work, after being in the states doing mostly fundraising stuff with little physical activity. I worked with the guys collecting the rocks to fill the footers. First Byron and I made a road through the middle of our property to be able to collect the rocks, which was awesome a weed eater with a blade and a few machetes and my truck and a day later we had a road cut out. Then four of us collected rock for ten hours a day from an old dividing wall on the property. We loaded my truck with about a ton of rock each trip and hauled it up to the area where the footers were. I will be very honest it was hard to get back into the swing of things and I was exhausted every single day, but we got it done. If I had to say we probable moved about 70-80 tons of rock, although we moved them with my truck we still had to hand load and unload them. During this time I really got a chance to just to do life with these guys, get to know them where they are from and what they do on a daily basis. We prayed every morning together, and a couple of times at lunch I was sharing what I was reading or my devotion for the morning was and it sparked some real good God talk. All in all it was a real blessing and a great start to my time here.

                The following week was a true honor and blessing. I had wanted to get down to Houston during my time in the states to share with the guys that I work with from down there, but I just did not have the time or the money to do so. When I arrived here in Honduras I got an email invitation to come and speak at their monthly men’s dinner. They provide airfare and one of my good friends put me up for a week. This men’s group was the last team that I worked with in my first season here in Honduras, and really was where God had given me the vison to form my ministry. They have such a heart for seeing men grow and lead well. The name of their ministry is The Calling to Authentic Manhood and they really have been a huge blessing to me and my ministry. They titled my message “How and unchurched kid becomes a missionary in Honduras”. It was interesting to me because it made me revisit how did that happen, and the only message I could think to share with them as to how was I was invested in and discipled. God really laid it on my heart to encourage them as men to be doing that very thing with young men in their lives. To impart on them the failures and life experiences that they have endured to become the men they are today. It was such an awesome time being there with them. Also I got to stay with some really awesome people and play uncle Coy to their children. God never ceases to amaze me how he blesses us in so many ways.

                Upon returning from Houston it was back to work and preparing and doing logistics for teams. Sam, Tim and I went out to La Esperaza to meet with one of the Ignite pastors and to go over some stuff for and upcoming youth team there at the end of March. All I can say is wow it was cold, it had to be the coldest it’s ever been in Honduras. It got down in the low 40’s and with wind chill maybe in the 30’s. I felt so bad for the people there. None of them live in an insulated home with central air, most of them live in what I call a shanty. A house that has many gaps in the wall and roof where the wind just cuts threw. I visited with the families that I had worked with last September, it was so cool to be able to communicate on such a deeper level with them I could really tell my Spanish had grown since September. I was also able to spend some time with Pastor Juan Luis, he has such a passion for the work there its contagious when you are around him you just get fired up. We talked about the future projects that we will be doing out there and what we would like to see grow in areas of ministry. We took him and his family to dinner at their favorite place to eat, which they only get to eat at when we are there. One thing that is different here than in the states is when you do something for someone they just exude appreciation, because they really would never be able to afford or have the opportunity to do some things.

                Then there where teams ha-ha. The wait was finally over and February 21 I waited at the airport to pick up my men’s group. I’ll be honest it was kind of weird seeing people I knew come through security in Honduras. We loaded them up and headed out to the property to show them half of what they had been fundraising and investing in. It was so cool to have my good friend Andrew here with me. The following day we got to work they split into two groups one group on the footers, and the other went with me on a daily basis to different house projects. The first of which was and entire floor and front porch pour for a young family. The story of this homeowner was awesome, young man 24 that had literally built his entire house from scratch and by himself. He is a guy I would ask you pray for Vernando is his name, and through our day there I was able to get and invite back to his house to begin following up with him and hopefully discipleship. This team did an amazing job in all aspects, they did three floors and three roofs, also filled the footers and because they were such all starts at raising support they bought paint for the bodega and all the electrical supplies to finish it. Above and beyond that they brought down I would say a $1000 worth of tools for my ministry and 200lbs of clothes for the people here. I think that they all took something away from their time here and they will be forever changed. I pray that God would allow me to be partnered with 100 more groups like this one and the men from Houston. You are the only way that will happen my supporters my followers, you must be the sender helping support the sent.

                Lastly was this past week and we will be up to date, the team we received the day after my men’s group left was 28 folks from Fargo, ND. Man did they bring the bags they had 57 checked bags packed to the brim. Normally we leave the airport about 30-45 min after they land. Not this time we were there for like two and half hours it was crazy. That being said these people have a serious heart for a very poor and dangerous part of the city. So for the last week we have been working in Nueva Capital, and they have done everything from vbs, teen, welding classes, women’s, and construction. Yesterday we arrived at the last house to do and it was a mess, I was afraid to stand under it I thought it was going to fall over. We were originally going to just replace the floor in the house, well they decided to just rebuild the entire house, and that is what happened it was such a feat, but the look on the homeowners face at the end of the day summed it all up it was totally worth it.

                I also wanted to share the many ways God is moving in my life and providing. So here is an update some of you know I am getting married April 2nd, well God has provided a house for us to live in here in Honduras it is being finished as we speak and I’ll be painting it next week and building some cabinets and closets. God has also provided all our appliances for a pretty reasonable price, which is a huge blessing because they are very expensive here. They are used but new to us. We were able to find Morgan a reasonable priced car as well. The only thing we lack now is furniture. Please pray we continue to follow His will and keep our eyes on him, and not worry with the lack of things we need. Also please pray about being an advocate for our needs here in Honduras I am always available for discussion and invite you to partner. Please share this blog with your circle of influence and the website and video as well. May God keep and bless you for what you do for the kingdom. with your circle of influence and the website and video as well. May God keep and bless you for what you do for the kingdom.